To Do List: Imprison Flynn, Impeach Trump

Imagine an alternate universe where the most inexperienced candidate in US history lost the 2016 presidential election and the most qualified candidate in US history triumphed. It’s now less than a month after her inauguration, and President Hillary Clinton’s National Security Advisor resigns. The terms of his resignation are riddled with treasonous acts such as discussing the prospect of dropping US sanctions on Russia with Russian officials before being appointed to a position of such authority. The Logan Act, established in 1799, imposes a fine and/or imprisonment for any citizens who act on behalf of the US government without authorization, like this former National Security Advisor did.

Imagine the day following his resignation. Headlines such as “Crooked Hillary’s Crooked Administration” would flood the news following a national outcry for not only the imprisonment of the former National Security Advisor, but for the impeachment and imprisonment of President Clinton. Sadly Hillary is not our President, but on the bright side this scenario of having our country put at risk was completely hypothetical, right? WRONG. Now back to reality.

The reality is that President Trump’s National Security Advisor did commit these treasonous acts and he did resign. His name is Michael Flynn, a retired US Army Lieutenant General, and he should be imprisoned for his actions against our government. President Obama was implementing sanctions against Russia for the DNC hacking and other alleged forms of tampering with the 2016 elections. While our government was taking one action, private-citizen Michael Flynn thought it was in his best interest to call the Russian Ambassador, Sergey Kislyak, and illegally discuss a contradictory actions. The call has been made public along with his resignation letter so, less than a month into the Trump administration, it is easy to piece together the not very mystifying puzzle that is Flynn’s treasonous actions. An investigation into Flynn’s communication will be conducted, but the investigation shouldn’t end there. The American people need to know exactly when and what Donald Trump knew of these conversations, either before or after being sworn in, and if Flynn acted alone or committed treason due to given instructions. The ambiguity surrounding the Trump administration’s relationship with the Kremlin is extremely unnerving and what is even more disconcerting is Capitol Hill’s hesitance to investigate and resolve any potential conflicts. These conflicts did not start with Michael Flynn’s phone call and they will not end with his resignation; further actions must be taken immediately, and it seems that republicans don’t have the audacity to fight against such controversies.

In a speech Michael Flynn gave while campaigning for Donald Trump he said that “if I [Flynn] did a tenth of what [Hillary Clinton] did, I [Flynn] would be in jail.” Well here we are. Michael Flynn has done much more than a tenth of whatever he thinks Hillary did; he has broken the Logan Act and committed treason. The only logical conclusion, as stated in Flynn’s own words, is jail.

Para Todos los Latinos Viviendo en los EEUU Bajo el Presidente Trump

Yo sé bien que cada uno de los latinos que están viviendo en los EEUU bajo la presidencia de Donald Trump, está padeciendo un montón de ataques de los gringos y de otros en los EEUU. Especialmente, yo quiero decir que los mexicanos están sufriendo más que otros latinos a causa del muro que construirá Donald Trump. Pero también yo quiero pedir perdón de todos los latinos que son confundidos por mexicano sólo porque tienen la piel morena.

Primeramente, quiero que todos sepan que cada latino es aceptado en los EEUU. Aunque parezca que los estadounidenses no quieran que los latinos y especialmente los mexicanos estén en el país, sin embargo yo les quiero decir que ese grupo es una minoría en los EEUU. La mayoría de las personas los ven como ciudadanos tal como cada gringo. También hay sentimientos de temor a causa del muro que Trump quiere construir. Pero también, quiero darles mi creencia de que él no podrá construirlo.

Primeramente, él no podrá ser capaz de pagar para el muro.

En seguido, no hay ninguna manera en que los ciudadanos de los EEUU participen en construir ese muro.

También, el racísmo que cada uno de los latinos afrontan por las racistas en los EEUU es completamente pátetico. La mayoría de esas personas son gringos que no se han ido de sus comunidades por un solo ratico. Ellos pasan toda la vida sin la diversidad del mundo. Todos de ellos son blancos y gringos y no tienen la educación ni la experiencia para saber que los negros o los latinos son exactamente como ellos, seres humanos.

Somos humanos. Somos hermanos. Somos todos juntos. No tengan miedo. Aunque no tengan una tarjeta verde, ustedes son tal estadounidense como yo como él que se siente enfrente de ustedes. Todos de nosotros necesitan juntarnos como latinos para combatir el racísmo y las acciones que algunas personas, incluso el presidente Trump, quizás hagan en los EEUU. No vamos a quedarnos mudos ni no vamos a aguantar la opresión ya.

The Future of the Supreme Court


With the nomination of the new 49-year-old Supreme Court Justice, Gorsuch, one must wonder where the Supreme Court is headed in future years. If Gorsuch is confirmed, it can be expected that he will be a Justice for around 30 years, changing the balance of power in the court to 5-4, in favor of Conservatives. This presents a favorable future for Republicans; Democrats on the other hand will be quite alarmed by the potential future of the supreme court.

Obviously for Democrats this is alarming, and what’s worse is that Breyer, Kennedy and Ginsburg are over or close to over the age of 80; it’s not out of the realm of possibility that they resign or pass away under President Trump, meaning Republicans could have a presence on the court for years to come. As a historian, this greatly reminds me of the midnight justices appointed by John Adams which allowed the dying Federalist party to have influence over the government long after their party was dead. Even if the Democrats defeat either Trump or another Republican nominee, there is a potential, assuming all three at risk justices pass away or resign, for Conservatives to hold a 7-2 balance in the Supreme Court. This would have long-lasting effects on a number of precedents set by the Court recently. Cases brought forth could be about Gay Marriage, LGBT discrimination in business, Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt, United States v. Texas, and Fischer v. University of Texas are some of the biggest issues that come to mind. These cases will put issues such as abortion, affirmative action, and immigration on defense. If these deaths or resignations come to pass, these issues could be at risk and under siege for decades.

Obviously the future for Liberals in the Supreme Court seems bleak; however, here are a few things to keep in mind. Although Gorsuch is extremely conservative, he is very qualified for his position receiving degrees from Harvard, Oxford, and Columbia. He has a very consistent record of voting based on the law, not for what his party wants. He has been against executive overreach in the past and hopefully continues his record in the future if and when he is confirmed. He has also been very against using the courts to press his agenda by acting only as a judge. To quote the man himself,“when we judges don our robes, it doesn’t make us any smarter, but it does serve as a reminder of what’s expected of us: Impartiality and independence, collegiality and courage.” We can only hope that if he is confirmed he will continue these patterns and won’t be swayed by his party to giving them more power. Personally, I hope that the Senate confirms him because even if we don’t agree with him on all issues, he is extremely qualified and frankly it could be a lot worse like many of Trump’s other nominations. One thing we can all be sure of in these trying times is the strength of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She will live through Trump and hopefully many other presidents. RBG will never die!

-Publius Admirer