To Do List: Imprison Flynn, Impeach Trump

Imagine an alternate universe where the most inexperienced candidate in US history lost the 2016 presidential election and the most qualified candidate in US history triumphed. It’s now less than a month after her inauguration, and President Hillary Clinton’s National Security Advisor resigns. The terms of his resignation are riddled with treasonous acts such as discussing the prospect of dropping US sanctions on Russia with Russian officials before being appointed to a position of such authority. The Logan Act, established in 1799, imposes a fine and/or imprisonment for any citizens who act on behalf of the US government without authorization, like this former National Security Advisor did.

Imagine the day following his resignation. Headlines such as “Crooked Hillary’s Crooked Administration” would flood the news following a national outcry for not only the imprisonment of the former National Security Advisor, but for the impeachment and imprisonment of President Clinton. Sadly Hillary is not our President, but on the bright side this scenario of having our country put at risk was completely hypothetical, right? WRONG. Now back to reality.

The reality is that President Trump’s National Security Advisor did commit these treasonous acts and he did resign. His name is Michael Flynn, a retired US Army Lieutenant General, and he should be imprisoned for his actions against our government. President Obama was implementing sanctions against Russia for the DNC hacking and other alleged forms of tampering with the 2016 elections. While our government was taking one action, private-citizen Michael Flynn thought it was in his best interest to call the Russian Ambassador, Sergey Kislyak, and illegally discuss a contradictory actions. The call has been made public along with his resignation letter so, less than a month into the Trump administration, it is easy to piece together the not very mystifying puzzle that is Flynn’s treasonous actions. An investigation into Flynn’s communication will be conducted, but the investigation shouldn’t end there. The American people need to know exactly when and what Donald Trump knew of these conversations, either before or after being sworn in, and if Flynn acted alone or committed treason due to given instructions. The ambiguity surrounding the Trump administration’s relationship with the Kremlin is extremely unnerving and what is even more disconcerting is Capitol Hill’s hesitance to investigate and resolve any potential conflicts. These conflicts did not start with Michael Flynn’s phone call and they will not end with his resignation; further actions must be taken immediately, and it seems that republicans don’t have the audacity to fight against such controversies.

In a speech Michael Flynn gave while campaigning for Donald Trump he said that “if I [Flynn] did a tenth of what [Hillary Clinton] did, I [Flynn] would be in jail.” Well here we are. Michael Flynn has done much more than a tenth of whatever he thinks Hillary did; he has broken the Logan Act and committed treason. The only logical conclusion, as stated in Flynn’s own words, is jail.

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