A Path Forward . . .

Have you ever wanted to get involved in politics in a more direct way than tweeting or sharing a Facebook post? While being vocal and voting (if you’re old enough to) are the best forms of action in our democracy, they often feel quite distant from directly influencing the progression of one’s favored policies. While being vocal for progressive policies draws politicians’ eyes to the issues at hand, money forces them to pay attention. As the vast majority of young adults are not millionaires, donating seems impractical; and even then, the little money most teenagers have doesn’t seem like enough to impact politics. That’s where the student-run super PAC, Path Forward USA, comes into play.

According to Ballotpedia, a super PAC “is a political committee that can solicit and spend unlimited sums of money.” Path Forward USA (https://www.pathforwardusa.org/) is a super PAC that focuses on raising money to influence progressive legislation. Their website states their mission as “to give a voice to forward thinking Americans who seek to create real change in this country. We are an independent expenditure committee that collects donations from Americans like you and uses our resources to help elect progressive candidates. We work as a connection between government and the people and we protect your interests. We care about leading America forward to be a country that works for all people.”

Now more than ever our country needs courageous young adults to stand up and organize as we lead our nation forward. Rather than watching scattered voices shout into the abyss of political gridlock, there is an opportunity to rally together to protect our interests. We all have a moral responsibility as American citizens to engage in the democratic process; we the people can take action today, make change today, unite today, and lead America forward today.

It’s time for us blue kids to further the substance of our vocal critique. Path Forward USA is a direc30e5ec_e20d5ad1823b412b95200bf11aef879a-mv2_d_1200_1200_s_2t liaison between our voice and funding the never ending fight for progress. Research Path Forward USA at their website (https://www.pathforwardusa.org/) and be sure to spread the word about their mission. As always, we welcome all readers to submit an article about any political or social commentary to bluekidredstate@gmail.com and urge young Democrats to continue to be the voice of the future!

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